World’s leading wax technology for over one hundred years

Ski performance has already been improved for hundreds of years, at the beginning with natural materials for example by using tar. In the 1910s, the Vauhti brand was established and its Salaisuus wax was revolutionary at the time, and a technological innovation that significantly improved ski’s glide. The development work that begun from Salaisuus wax laid the foundation for the world’s oldest ski wax company that continues to operate, and which has always been a pioneer in its industry.

Our products and the technology behind them is based on rigorous and long term testing in both laboratory as well as field conditions. We utilize Finnish university excellence and laboratories in our research work. Our product development team have a passion to achieve complete knowledge and understanding of that thin layer between the ski and the snow, where the ski’s performance is optimized in all possible weather conditions.

We want waxing to be easy and that does not necessarily need separate waxing facilities. Vauhti’s Quick products are developed with the same accuracy as the wax combinations used by the world’s top skiers. Waxing is no longer a barrier to skiing, and you can enjoy cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, in forests, on mountains and fells.

Finnish culture, will to win, passion, perseverance, integrity, and the newest technology in the industry – these are the values and starting points from which the Vauhti products that are used by the world’s top skiers, are created.