A wax developed for new, fine snow in mild winter conditions. With this grip wax, you will get over the difficult new snow (‘Violet’) conditions. The grip properties of GF VIOLET grip wax set in already at approx. -0.5/-1°C; owing to its new composition, the glide properties of GF VIOLET are considerably better as compared to the former violet-coloured grip waxes. This is most evident at temperatures -2°C and below. You can use GF VIOLET down to -5°C on new snow and -10°C on old snow without hindering its glide properties.

There is no freezing risk regardless of the snow type. The performance is optimal in conditions where the lower sections of the track are near 0°C and the higher sections are clearly below 0°C.

Note! GF VIOLET is at its best on new or fine snow. For coarse snow and trails that are packed hard with snow (-3°C and colder), we recommend GD CARROT, which has been developed specifically for these conditions.